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The “California Games” are slightly altered to conform to California state law.  California Card Players do not play against the House, they play each other.

EZ Baccarat Panda 8

Players may wager in all spots. Eight decks of cards are used. Cards are given the following point values: Ace cards equal 1; 2-9 pip cards equal their stated value; and, 10 and face cards equal 0 (zero). 
GEGA# 003845

No Bust 21st Century Blackjack

Nothing wild, no jokers. Natural pays 6:5, Double Down & Split. A PURE 21.5 Blackjack dealt on the initial deal beats all other hands.
GEGA# 002444

Three Card Poker

The object of Three Card Poker is to beat the player/dealer in a three-card poker game. Play the optional 6 card bonus bet for another great way to win!
GEGA# 003959

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker with a conventional poker deck with one added Wild Joker. Also called ‘Double-Hand Poker’. The object is to have both hands rank higher than opponent(s) hands.
GEGA# 000732


Garlic City Casino Collects No Fee From Players on Live Games


Heads-Up Play Against the Dealer, Trips Bonus Bet, and Bad Beat Bet

Texas Hold'em Poker
No Limit Poker Tournaments

HOLD'EM is played using a standard 52-card deck. The object is to make the best HIGH hand among competing Players using the traditional ranking of Poker hands.
GEGA# 000460

Omaha Hi-Lo
Buy Request (Min 6 Players)

The game is played exactly like Omaha. except the best high hand splits the pot with the best low hand. However, to win the low half, the player must have an 8 or better (lower) to qualify, or the high hand wins the entire pot.
GEGA# 000460

Panguingue (PAN) Poker
Each Saturday Starting at 9am

The Object of the Game is to have combinations of three or more cards in sets or runs (known as melds) laid on the table in front of you using eleven cards. The first player doing so is the winner and receives chips from other players that still have chips and cards remaining in their hands.
GEGA# 000460

Spread Limit Hold'em Poker
Every Thurs, Fri and Sat Night

Spread-limit hold 'em is a form of Texas Hold 'em Poker that dictates that all bets and raises are done in increments between the spread of two amounts.
$40-$400 1/2/2  - $400-$1000 2/3/5
GEGA# 000460

$1.00 TACOS

Killer Chicken & Beef Tacos
$2.00 Shrimp Tacos
All You Can Eat Here!